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Passages continues to explore relations between different music, styles and composers, sometimes finding a “link” or a “passage” between formerly non related subjects, music and other forms of artistic expression (poetry, theatre, dance). The ensemble will, from time to time, approach a public which is not naturally attracted by classical music events in concert halls and churches.

Would you like to participate in our journey? We are passionate, curious exploring new dimensions, whilst at the same time not compromising with a high level quality of our performances. And we want to hold on to our spirit of friendship and playfulness.

Passages is still a young ensemble and needs to create a financial basis for the longer term: This is why we are establishing a circle of friends and companions to support us – called not coincidentally “Passengers”.

If you want to become a “Passenger”…

… you can support us with a financial contribution of an amount equal or superior to €60 as an annual contribution on our account (IBAN: BE25 6511 5155 0782 -BIC: KEYT BE BB).

Your name will figure on our programmes. As “Passenger” you will be invited to attend our rehearsals, and to participate in presentations of the ensemble. You will be kept abreast of our plans and – if you are interested – you can be associated to our promotion activities and become our “ambassador”.

Contact: Christiane Walcher
E-mail: or
Tel: 0496 189 567

Welcome on board!

More info: Read our borchure (en/fr)